Track 1


I grew up in an age when most of the artists now considered benchmark 'singer-songwriters' were in their prime. The real icons ... (you know the names, probably about ten of them) ... a breed who continue to influence, their work constantly cited, re-interpreted and re-evaluated.


There are still some brilliant singer-songwriters coming through ...but theres

also a strain of artist who’s the 21st century music biz's avatar singer-songwriter - good looking, groomed, ambitious...malleable. Immaculate performance skills but, well, arguably less than the full article when it comes to the writing and the vision.


But hey, easier to mould and market than those old, crazy maverick types! 

So in come the co-writing teams, the in house producers, the product managers. 

Said artist is plugged into the machine and out comes an all-things-to-all-people noise.  


Usually pleasant, catchy - sometimes really good. 


But sadly devoid of things that define greatness - a sense of personal vision being shared and confessed, an attitude, an authorial voice. 


This song, which could be said to border on the uncharitable, is about such an artist. 


His guitar is freshly strung battle scarred  
Fire and honey in his throat 
Shares the wisdom and worldly reassurance 
Though he don't look old enough to vote 

His skin's perfect, he's a sensitive man 
He was ready when the big deal beckoned 
They filmed him looking boho in a juice bar in Soho
The double taps were doubling by the second 

You gotta love him as he takes the stage 
Soul in the spotlight 
Tangled up in beige 
This one goes out to all the fans 
Martini woman, journeyman
The self appointed also ran
And the girl with no attention span 
And the bad dancers of a certain age 

He's gonna hold that crowd enrapt 
Parade his battered heart before us 
He's got a a hired hand from a half forgotten indie band
To squeeze his pain into a decent chorus 

It takes a team to build the dream 
A nice topline to bear your soul 
He stored his true confession on a pro Tools session
Hail hail rock'n'roll 

Looks wired and he looks tired 
Been a long day living the dream  
Being all things to all people 
Isn't as easy as he makes it seem