Track 2


I had doubts bout pulling this one together in the studio, however on the second day's recording both Thea Gilmore and Liz Hanks joined me. Occasionally in the recording process there are moments where, as producer, you don't need to do anything but applaud. And as an artist you don't need to do anything but feel lucky. 


Navigate the radio silence   
Navigate the curve ball   
Navigate the slings and arrows  
Navigate the long haul 
The casinos and the food banks    
The quick fix, the reply all  

Navigate the chequered history
Navigate the age of blame
You who watched the old world crumble
Watch the new one do the same
With the seven nation army 
And the hallowed be thy name 

Navigate the long night 
Go back to the well again 
Try to tease some inspiration
From your overtired brain  
The kite on the horizon 
The broken daisy chain 
Navigate and love a little 
Even if you love in vain

Navigate the red top headline
Navigate the bloody news 
Navigate the two bit despot 
Know the flannel from the fuse 
There's a war on human discourse 
So be defiant, be amused 
Though your call may be recorded 
And your words may be misused 

Navigate the grey indifference 
The unholy war of words 
Hold the brush and freeze the picture  
Navigate the rule of thirds. 
Though there be barely form or colour 
You must paint it undeterred 

Navigate the cheap betrayals 
Navigate the dance of trust
Break the bread and share your tales
Of fires liars ice and dust
I'm glad you wrote a song about it
Play it for us if you must