Track 4


First two lines entered my head while listening to MGMTs brilliant "TSLAMP". 

And I was off.


The political party I've voted for for 30 years doesn't like me!


The Battle Of Waterloo may be have been won on the playing fields of Eton but the battle of Brexit was lost on the timelines of Twitter.


And hey pretty shining people are we really all right together?


(Big cheers to the Words & Music Festival team, AKA some of my favourite people in the world, for coming over to join in the chorus) 



Gonna turn the angle round

Gonna put this iPhone down

Gonna push the envelope 

Where there’s Zopiclone there’s hope 

Gonna walk in confidence 

Gonna channel common sense

Gonna breathe and re-engage

Karma neutral, blank page

I’ll no longer fear the worst

I’m gonna jump right in head first

I’m gonna write a happy song

What could possibly go wrong 


I’m gonna jump on Spotify 

I’m gonna listen to that guy

Who says the ships not sinking 

And it’s no time for over thinking

Maybe that’s the rub of it 

Maybe lighten up a bit

Shake it loose and live it large 

And trust the guys we’ve got in charge 

I’m gonna wish upon a star 

Stop being mean to Roseanne Barr!

Wise up, snowflake, sing along

What could possibly go wrong 


They say the worst has gone

Keep calm and carry on

What could possibly go wrong 


There’s a woman in my town

Who swears the shutters have come down

The moderates are out to lunch

The psychopaths have got the conch

The ideology is dead

It’s pig to man like Eric said

The airs thick with mating calls

From overdrawn millennials 

I say baby there’s love to spend 

We’ll fuel the fire and buck the trend,

Dance in anger, sing in tongues

What could possibly go wrong 


They say the deal is done

They say the people won

What could possibly go wrong 


Gonna turn the angle round

Gonna step on solid ground

Shut up about the end

And call the glass half full again

No gloom, no final nail

Justice that might just prevail 

And music's still a vital force

And kindness hasn’t run its course 

Cut those files to 45!

What a time to be alive!

The sun is out the pound is strong

What could possibly go wrong