Track 7


Ms Thea Gilmore told me tactfully that it was painfully obvious (to anyone who knew me) whom this song was about. So to spare any potential blushes I changed one line, and now hopefully he's well off the scent. Recorded in a single afternoon, big thank you to my buddy Jimmy Forres for appropriately spiky guitar, and Megan Lee for chiming in beautifully on bvs.



He’s one of the good guys
Gives it out unconditionally 
No edge, no pretence
What you get is what you see 
He’s good in a crisis
Doesn’t waste words or time 
Makes sense and makes sacrifices
Then keeps walking his own line 

He’s one of the good guys
Me and him are like chalk and cheese 
He plays prog, he swims, he jogs
He reads autobiographies 
But he can’t do wrong by me
(Though God knows he sometimes tries)
I step back and button it
Cos he’s one of the good guys 

He’s kinda close in his day to day dealings
He won’t always tell you if he disagrees 
He can’t stand it when I talk about feelings
He’s old school
So more fool me 

It bugs me to hell,
This feeling he should have more
Doors seemed to close on him
Stuff he was waiting for...
But talking about just desserts
Is a licence to patronise 
He’s here and he’s all right
He’s one of the good guys