Track 9


"Death is only a launching into the region of the strange untried..."



Drinking with my oldest friend
Cares and woes all cast aside 
Talking loves lives and odds and ends 
Skirting round the strange untried

The next day dawned like any other 
Two good souls I knew both died
Into these small worlds it comes
The random yield, the strange untried 

Be at a peace with all you've found 
Claim your space and go your way 
With honest heart and solid ground 
And sufficient unto the day  

When I last saw Danny 
He was driving station taxis
Waiting for the gigs to come
Talking slowly laughing some
He looked happy he was clean
We talked about The Smithereens 
Danny played a mean bass
Softest voice, kindest face 

Be at peace with all you found
Claim your space and go your way
With honest heart and solid ground
And sufficient unto the day 

I heard Danny's time had come
Felt strange felt numb 
The same day a woman girl 
Crossed the line and left the world 
Schoolyard at nine o clock
Whispers, tears waves of shock 
The vicious twist, the shameless sun 
The two young daughters carrying on  

Its small step from glass half full
To immune and invincible  
Fears and fortunes, moons and tides
The lucky life, the strange untried 

Sometimes I lie in awake in bed 
And listen to the wind outside 
Thinking about sunny days ahead
Thinking about the strange untried