Track 10


Out we go with an existentialist slip jig. 

I came back one Saturday night from a live radio session at Media City, where I'd been lending some support to my very talented mate Abbie Ozard. It went wonderfully, and - still on a high - I called in at a local hostelry for a celebratory beer. I walked straight into a completely offensive 'political' conversation between two beer addled barflies. The fight or flight process kicked in, I decided on a little of each, soon walked home in a freshly filthy mood and slept terribly. I got up early to hang out with my two sons, pulled open the curtains, and that's exactly where this song begins. 


I saw the springtime peer through the skylight 
The morning is freezing and brilliant blue 
I left my love sleeping 
I breathed in the brightening 
Red fruit and coffee 
Sam Cooke and Lao Tzu 

Last night I lost me, in a room of bad company
Bigots and barflies were bending my ear 
Nothing could please me and no one could reach me 
I kept it together and I made it back here 

If you think I’m lucky 
I will not argue 
If you think I'm easy
Talk to my wife 
I am the product
Of all those who've loved me 
And I walk these thin lines
I trip and I fall          
I look out for signs 
And go living this red letter life 

I'm still not sure how I made all these choices 
I always knew change comes in the wink of an eye 
You light a few fires, you trust a few voices 
Then you flicker and fade out or you rise up and fly 

If you think that I'm free 
Well these things are subjective 
If you think that I'm easy
Talk to my wife
I am a product of all those who’ve loved me 
So I’ll own my mistakes    
I gather it all  
Then I’ll find what it takes 
And keep living this red letter life 

I'll step through it lightly 
Give thanks for it daily 
My three favourite souls
Are looking out for me 
My three favourite souls
Who I love so completely 

The billionaire vampires have hijacked the high ground 
Let loose the madmen and cranked up the fear
With the guilt of survivors you build your own front line 
Keep faith in the good souls, hold onto those dear