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December 2017 ... I'm shooting the breeze in a bar. I fall into the dubious trap of reviewing the previous few months, and it dawns on me I've not written a song, not one song, in the longest time. Well ok I'm a producer, I'm a touring musician, I'm a parent, I'm a festival director etc etc. So not idle. But by my own mantra I'm also a hypocrite. Because the one (the only) piece of advice I ever give to a songwriter is to just do it, do every day...if you're a writer you have to write.

I wrote the first line to the title track the following day. 


That's where this album begun, and it was my intention this time to just write the here and now as I saw it, and to produce work that reflected what was going down around me both externally and internally. 

The entire album was written between then and May 2018.

It was then recorded and mixed in eight days, and I send thanks to my talented and gracious compadre Seadna McPhail for seeing this through with me and for all at Airtight Manchester for their constant support. 


Now ideally just listen to the album. 

But well, if you insist, here are some musings........